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A good blurb

A bit of a surprise arrived at my mailbox the other day: the catalog for the exhibition "The Photograph Unframed" at the Center for Book Arts. It was a little bit over a year ago that Pages (2011) was exhibited at the show. There is a paragraph of write-up about the piece in the catalog, which is quite nice, I thought:

Dennis is interested in examining artistic forms as a conceptual practice to discuss issues of self-reflection, memory and time. In Pages, Yuen has taken eight photographs of his own handmade books, resulting in 64 prints. In each image, the angle in which the book was shot has slightly shifted, providing a different perspective. The 64 prints are threaded together at the corners to create a hanging book. The photographed books are frozen in time. However, as the viewer walks around the object, different visual patterns appear, crating a fluidity of movement and time, yet maintaing a serene sensibility.
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