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Artist's Statement

My work strives for self-reflection, questioning its own form. Each piece challenges the viewer to rethink the definitions and conventions of its medium. In book art, I seek to create narratives through the object's physical form and binding.


The book form is a seemingly familiar form that continues to challenge us with its untapped potentials. A piece of text or image can exist in another medium and continues to tell a story, but as soon as it resides inside a "book," it takes on the qualities of that physical vessel, and the intention of using that vessel instantly becomes part of the message of the piece.


I take pictures of each book I make. Reframed, seen from a completely different perspective, the book becomes something else entirely. The book as physical object is transformed into a unique graphic image. I strive for a harmony between perfection and imperfection in my work. Imperfection creates individuality, and it also generates new possibilities and perspectives.

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